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Choosing the Leupold scope that’ll ride on the Ultimate Sheep Rifle


Guest post by?Chris Polley, Marketing Manager, PROOF Research

There’s no question that hunting sheep requires a degree of artfulness, and a PROOF Research carbon fiber-wrapped steel barrel adds just the right amount of science and technology to the equation. PROOF barrels deliver significant weight savings over traditional steel barrels with zero sacrifice to durability or barrel life, as well as superior performance and accuracy.

Learn what makes the 6.5 Creedmoor a great option for sheep

How we arrived at the 6.5 Creedmoor

There are countless reasons for the rise in popularity of the 6.5 Creedmoor in recent years. It shoots fast and flat with light recoil. Its bullets generally have exceptional sectional densities and ballistic coefficients, which translate to great terminal performance. Its versatility for any number of hunting and shooting applications is unrivaled among short-action cartridges. For all those reasons and more, choosing to chamber the Ultimate Sheep Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor was a no-brainer.

A few words on the cost of the rifle

We’ve noticed some recent concern about the price of the Ultimate Sheep Rifle, which we are happy to take a moment to address.?
It’s important to remember that this is a custom rifle?(not a production firearm) built to meet the specific requirements and goals laid out by KUIU founder Jason Hairston. Each and every decision that went into the construction of this rifle was made based on his years of experience hunting wild sheep throughout North America’s most rugged and unforgiving landscapes. Hairston worked with the Remington Custom Shop to build the Ultimate Sheep Rifle to meet his needs.?


Tremendous sacrifice is required for the ultimate prize

The pursuit of wild sheep is widely defined as the most demanding and adventurous hunting that North America has to offer. Most of the remote and rugged country which sheep inhabit provides extensive logistical difficulties for a hunter in planning travel alone. Once on the mountain, a sheep hunter must be physically and mentally prepared to endure 10 days or more of traversing miles upon miles of steep, high-elevation terrain while carrying all of his or her own essentials to survive in a pack. Sheep hunting pushes the hunter’s body and gear to their limits. A failure of either costs more than the chance of success, as sheep hunts are some of the most expensive hunting endeavors on earth.

Choosing the proper foundation

You don’t build a sports car on a sedan chassis, and you don’t build the Ultimate Sheep Rifle on just any old stock. With its carbon-fiber shell and super-light fill, the Manners EH8 offers the ultimate in strength, rigidity, and durability in an extremely lightweight package, tipping the scales at just over a pound and half. Aside from the weight savings gained through its materials, it isn’t weighed down with bells and whistles either. There’s no comb or LOP adjustment, no cheek piece, and very little palm swell. This is as sleek and minimalist as custom rifle stocks come—and its no-frills design is just what Jason Hairston was looking for. ??

An inside look at how the rifle came together

When it comes to backcountry gear, go light…but not too light

If there’s a universal mantra of any backcountry adventure—be it hunting, camping, mountaineering, or skiing—it’s “ounces become pounds.” That is to say, when you start making concessions for a few extra ounces here and there in the gear you carry, soon you’re hauling extra pounds. In the backcountry, extra pounds lead to fatigue and exhaustion, which ultimately can compromise a hunt.?

Building the lightest and strongest rifle possible

In March, KUIU founder Jason Hairston visited the Remington Custom Shop in Sturgis, South Dakota, where we presented him with a number of options for each component that will comprise the Ultimate Sheep Rifle. We discussed the pros and cons of each with regards to Hairston’s wants and needs for the gun. After hours of deliberation, here’s where we landed.